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Selecting the right whistleblower attorney

Bringing to light fraud or corruption can be a difficult and complicated proposition for a whistleblower. Hiring an attorney well-versed in cases involving government agencies and major corporations can help a whistleblower immensely if a civil suit needs to be filed.

Becoming a whistleblower can be akin to walking barefoot over a field of thorns. In fact, exposing practices of even the most blatant instances of fraud and corruption to the harsh glare of public scrutiny can be a complicated and even perilous proposition. Attempting to blow the whistle without consulting an attorney may expose one to a great deal of unnecessary risk. But how can one choose the right whistleblower attorney? What can be considered the “right stuff” when it comes to hiring such a lawyer?

It goes without saying that a whistleblower attorney should be more than competent and duly experienced with cases involving government agencies and major corporations – especially in civil suits, where such cases often begin. An average citizen is rarely versed in the nuances of the Texas Whistleblower Act or other relevant state and local statutes, but the right whistleblower attorney should be. A citizen whistleblower might even be entitled to just compensation if an outrage is exposed as a consequence of the whistleblowing citizen’s precise knowledge and information – especially in cases where that expertise becomes influential in helping prosecutors recover money from companies or individuals. The right attorney should have well-rounded experience in whistleblower cases.

If you are an employee who is experiencing retaliation after reporting corrupt government activities or other violations of law, you should obtain a lawyer who can protect your rights. A good whistleblower lawyer should have extensive knowledge and experience in combating retaliation from public employers. A good whistleblower lawyer can explain the law in this area; advise you of your rights and options; intercede with your employer when appropriate; and aggressively prosecute your lawsuit if your case cannot be reasonably settled.

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