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Are You a Texas Employer?

If you have been an employer for any length of time, you have undoubtedly had questions about legal matters related to your employees. Perhaps you have been forced to deal with a problematic employee. You may have had an employee file a charge of discrimination against you. You may be unsure of your rights with respect to termination of an employee or you may simply have questions with respect to compensation or overtime. The possible employment related questions are almost endless. The number of laws pertaining to employers also seem almost “endless” at times.

We recognize that as an employer you cannot possibly know all of the employment laws that apply to your business. That is where a knowledgeable employment attorney can help you and that is where we would like to be of service.

A knowledgeable employment attorney should be able to answer questions that range from everyday employment matters to complex employment litigation. A well-rounded employment attorney should be able to assist you in responding to administrative issues involving the Texas Workforce Commission, Department of Labor and other administrative agencies.

When necessary, an employment attorney should be able to assist you with internal investigations, arbitrations and employment litigation. If you have employees, please consider whether it would be in your best interest to develop a relationship with an employment attorney before any major problems develop.

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