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How to Select Your Business Litigation Attorney

If you become involved in a significant business dispute, you need strong effective legal counsel.

But what do you look for in a business litigation attorney? First and foremost, look for someone you trust. Your attorney can be a valued advisor, but he can only help you if you have confidence in his advice. Similarly, how can you determine whether you should have confidence in your attorney’s advice? You can talk with friends and associates about their experiences with different attorneys, but probably the most important step to take is to sit down and meet with your prospective attorney. Talk with your prospective attorney about your situation and about that attorney’s similar experiences. No two business disputes will be identical, so it is important to find a business litigation attorney who has a broad range of quality experience. The attorney you select should ideally have successfully handled dozens if not hundreds of business disputes. He or she should be able to outline a general plan of action for you and he or she should be able to articulate the general status of the law in the area of your dispute.

A broad base of experience and legal knowledge in the area of your dispute is unfortunately not helpful unless the attorney you select is one who will provide you with the best possible level of personal service while making every effort to deliver results in a timely and cost effective manner. Sometimes brilliant attorneys provide terrible results because they will not expend the necessary effort. When you talk with your prospective counsel, try to evaluate not only the person’s knowledge and experience, but also that person’s character. Your business or livelihood may depend upon it.

While it is true that most business disagreements can be resolved short of litigation, keep in mind that if you wait until litigation is imminent to retain an attorney, your position may already be compromised. If you do not have an attorney, then your best interests will likely be served if you seek legal counsel at the first sign of any significant business dispute. That way, your lawyer may be able to provide you with advice that can favorably resolve the dispute before litigation ensues.

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