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Breach of Contract Concerns Best Handled With Experienced Legal Counsel

Businesses are usually built by dedicated owners, but often a business’ success will depend upon enforcement of contracts that help the business carry out sales, production, partnerships, and many other essential activities. When each party signs a contract, there is an understanding that each will carry out its obligations and duties as set out by the contract in good faith. Honest, fair dealing is critical to uphold a contract.

Unfortunately, situations arise where contracts are breached. The parties may seek to resolve their dispute through mediation, binding arbitration, or a lawsuit. Breach of contract cases can involve almost any imaginable issue, but common claims include when one party does not meet the time requirements set out in the contract, the terms established, or fails to perform entirely.  The damages can be material or immaterial, and thus can help determine the legal remedy to be sought for the breach of contract.

Evidence showing losses or other monetary damage is often crucial to success on a claim. Sometimes a court will consider whether a party acted in bad faith. Many times, a party may have a valid defense to a breach of contract claim such as fraud, mistake, or undue influence. In these instances, a contract may be cancelled.

As contract disputes can be complex and affect a business’ financial livelihood, it is important to have legal counsel early in any dispute. A skilled business litigation attorney can help when contract negotiations are underway and in the event a dispute develops. To learn more, contact Austin business litigation attorney, Austin business lawyer and Austin breach of contract attorney Gregory D. Jordan at (512) 419-0684.

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