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Overtime and Wage Practices Should be Reviewed Before Lawsuits Arise

Overtime and wage claims are serious matters that affect the well-being of workers and employers. Employers are encouraged to take these issues seriously and make sure they are in compliance with the wage and hour laws before hiring and managing a staff. The Fair Labor Standards Act and various state statutes provide pay requirements for workers regardless of whether the basis for pay is hourly, salary, commission, or through a special categorization such as a waiter who earns an hourly minimum plus tips.

Wage policies should be reviewed for legal compliance by an experienced wage attorney who can help mitigate company risks and ensure workers are classified as to the correct wage type. Even small mistakes can affect a business when it has a large staff that is due overtime, lost wages, and other compensation. Adequate record keeping is essential for a company to document hours worked by employers. Best practices also include periodic audits to ensure no FLSA laws are being violated and work records are intact. Training programs for new managers, not just owners, are encouraged.

Workers who claim violations of the FLSA cannot be subjected to retaliation. Oftentimes, when there is one violation, numerous employees at the same business will have a similar complaint. Employees should monitor their pay, work hours, and other demands management places on them if they are concerned of a possible violation. To avoid costly litigation, employers should adhere to FLSA laws and avoid relying on the crutch that certain pay practices may be “an industry norm.” To learn more, contact Austin employment attorney, Austin wage and hour lawyer and Austin overtime attorney Gregory D. Jordan at (512) 419-0684.

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