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Robotics company sues to recover unpaid commissions

A robotics company has filed a lawsuit in Jefferson County District Court. C&D Skilled Robotics Inc. claims that another company has failed to pay commissions it owes.

C&D filed the lawsuit against TGW Systems Inc., claiming breach of contract. According to the lawsuit, the two companies entered into a contract calling for C&D to receive a five percent commission on services that TGW provided in the tire industry — including engineering, equipment and installation services.

C&D claims that since the agreement was made in May 2008, TGW has entered into significant business in the tire industry (including a $20 million contract with Goodyear) but has not paid C&D any commissions.

C&D alleges that it sent TGW an invoice in the amount of $715,589 for unpaid commissions, but TGW did not respond. C&D claims that the defendant’s lack of response to the invoice constitutes breach of contract.

C&D Skilled Robotics designs and builds robotic material handling systems for the tire and rubber, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, textile and paper industries. The company has locations in Beaumont, Texas and Schio, Italy.

TGW is a provider of automated material handling equipment and storage systems, headquartered in Spring Lake, Michigan.

The lawsuit seeks at least $715,589 in damages, plus costs.

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