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Texas woman sues nursing home for race discrimination in employment

A Texas woman has filed a lawsuit against her former employer, claiming race discrimination.

Shireika Whitmore filed suit against HSMTX/LibertyLLC, which does business as Liberty Healthcare Center, in the Beaumont Division of the Eastern District of Texas, citing race discrimination.

According to the complaint, Whitmore began working as a respiratory therapist at Liberty Healthcare’s nursing facility in Liberty, Texas in June 2013. Whitmore alleged that the working environment was heavily charged with racial discrimination and that she was subjected to intolerably abusive actions because of her race.

Whitmore alleges that the director of nursing, a white woman, accused Whitmore, a black woman, of yelling at a white employee. According to the complaint, the director would only take statements from white employees regarding the incident, and black employees who witnessed the incident and wished to give statements were not permitted to do so. Following an investigation initiated by the director, Whitmore’s employment was terminated, the suit states.

Whitmore claims that the director of nursing told her that there was no way for her to save her job as part of the investigation, effectively targeting her for her employment to be terminated.

The lawsuit requests damages for back pay, front pay, pain and suffering, economic losses, exemplary damages, attorney’s fees and costs, along with other relief. A jury trial is requested.

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