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Investment firms sue oil company, alleging breach of contract

An oil company was sued by two investment firms in Harris County District Court in Texas over an alleged breach of contract.

SSG Advisors, LLC and Chiron Financial LLC filed the lawsuit against Daybreak Oil and Gas Inc., claiming that Daybreak violated an agreement among the three companies. The investment firms claim they are owed approximately $1.1 million.

According to court documents, the relationship among the parties began in May 2015. The engagement agreement, which was renewed on two occasions, called for SSG and Chiron to provide investment banking services to Daybreak.

The lawsuit claims that Daybreak failed to submit payment for three months under the most recent engagement agreement, which the firms claim is still active. The lawsuit also names Platinum Partners, LP; Maximillian Resources, LLC; and Zach Weiner, a portfolio manager based in New York City, as co-defendants.

The investment firms allege that Daybreak and Weiner held discussions about restructuring the company, without informing them. The lawsuit claims that Daybreak and Maximillian sold a significant portion of Daybreak’s assets to a third party, which was allegedly a breach of the engagement agreement. According to court documents, SSG and Chiron learned of the sale by reading a press release issued by Daybreak.

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