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Commissions and Bonuses

In Texas, commissions and performance-based bonuses often form a large portion of an employee’s compensation package. This is especially true in areas such as pharmaceutical sales, private equity placements, brokerage services, financial services, fundraising, medical services and many other businesses that are dependent on sales or marketing efforts.

Sometimes disputes develop when an employer changes the terms upon which a commission or bonus will be granted, or when an employee is terminated prior to the date a commission or bonus payment is due. Over the years, we have drafted or reviewed many bonus or commission provisions and we have successfully handled numerous disputes over such provisions on behalf of both employees and employers. Whether you are an employee or an employer, if you have an issue pertaining to payment of a commission or bonus, we encourage you to call an Austin employment lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable in this area. We can counsel you with respect to your rights and options and tenaciously represent you in trial, arbitration or mediation if any dispute over commissions or bonuses cannot be reasonably resolved. We invite you to contact us.

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