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The Texas Whistleblower Act prohibits retaliation against public employees who report good faith violations of law to the proper authorities. Various other statutes protect certain categories of private employee whistleblowers as well, such as whistleblowers under the False Claims Act or Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). For more information on private employee whistleblowers, please see our page on Retaliation.

If you are a public employee who is experiencing retaliation after reporting corrupt government activities or other violations of law, we strongly encourage you to obtain a lawyer who can protect your rights. A good Austin whistleblower lawyer should have extensive knowledge and experience in combating retaliation with public employers. We have that knowledge and experience. If you are a public employee who has been subjected to retaliation for exposing illegal or corrupt conduct, we understand how it can devastate your life or finances. We have handled numerous public employee whistleblower claims, including claims such as one where an accountant was fired after she reported illegal activities and gross misuse of funds in a state agency; and one where an officer at a major public university was discharged after he reported the unlawful use of funds held in trust by the university. If you are a public employee (i.e., someone who works with a governmental entity such as a city, county, state, public university, public school, etc.) who is experiencing retaliation as a result of “blowing the whistle” on unlawful conduct, we urge you to contact a knowledgeable, experienced and successful Austin whistleblower attorney.

A good Austin whistleblower lawyer can explain the law in this area; advise you as to whether your public employer has engaged in illegal conduct against you; advise you of your rights and options; intercede with your employer when appropriate; and aggressively prosecute your lawsuit if your case cannot be reasonably settled. We do all of these things and have done so for well over 20 years. We invite you to review the testimonials from some employees we have represented on employment matters. If you are an employee who would like to have an experienced and knowledgeable Austin whistleblower attorney with a long track record of success for employees on your side, contact us.

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