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Austin Oil and Gas Leasing Attorney

With over forty years of experience in the oil and gas business, Greg Jordan has been involved in negotiating leases covering tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of acres of land throughout Texas. Oil and gas leases are complicated instruments that can affect a person’s land and mineral rights for decades. There are many lease forms that oil companies may claim are “standard,” such as variations of the Producer’s 88 form, but most of those forms are written to protect the interests of the oil company and to limit the interests of the mineral owner. If you are considering entering into an oil and gas lease, we strongly encourage you to contact an Austin, Texas Oil and Gas Leasing Attorney who is familiar with the industry and knows the ins and outs of oil and gas leases. Contact us today.

Things to consider from an Austin Texas Oil and Gas Leasing Lawyer

Oil and gas leases can be traps for the unwary. There are many things to consider such as the basic terms of the lease: the bonus, primary term, royalty fraction, delay rental, shut-in royalty, etc. There are also many other matters to consider that might not normally register on a mineral owner’s radar such as lease options, drilling commitments, pooling requirements, “pay-out” provisions, minimum royalties, “Mother Hubbard” clauses, the deductibility of post-production costs, whether other minerals are covered by the lease, what constitutes “operations,” pugh clauses, horizontal and vertical severance clauses, continuous operations clauses, assignability issues, matters pertaining to horizontal wells, warranties of title, force majeure, indemnity matters, the handling of division orders, surface use restrictions, pipeline issues, well plugging insurance, and a multitude of other issues. Oil and gas law is a very specialized area and the provisions of oil and gas leases have often been construed by the courts to have meanings that are much different than the plain language might appear to indicate. For instance, many leases have been written in a way that appears to prevent an oil company from deducting post-production costs from the royalties; however, courts often allow the deduction of post-production costs unless there is very specific language in the lease. We handle oil and gas leasing for landowners throughout Texas, including in the Eagle Ford, Permian Basin, South Texas, East Texas and Central Texas. When you hire us to represent you in a leasing transaction, we will represent your interests to the fullest.

Litigation by an Austin Texas Oil and Gas Attorney Related to Leases

Many of the oil and gas litigation matters we handle relate to oil and gas leases. We handle disputes over royalties, executive rights, pooling, surface damages, inadequate or improper development, improper royalty payment, and numerous other types of lease related issues. If you have already executed an oil and gas lease and you are encountering problems or concerns, we would like to help you. It is important that the oil company comply with all of the requirements found in an oil and gas lease and that the company compensate you for any losses or damages it causes by not complying with those requirements. We can assist you not only with leasing, but also with ensuring that the oil company complies with the terms of your Texas oil and gas lease.

We invite you to review testimonials of some of our oil and gas clients. If you are seeking an Austin, Texas oil and gas leasing lawyer who can negotiate an oil and gas lease for you, or if you are seeking a Texas oil and gas litigation attorney who will pursue your interests to the fullest, Contact us today.

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