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Oil and Gas Litigation Attorney

Greg Jordan has a “go to” reputation as a Texas oil and gas litigation attorney who handles complex oil and gas litigation matters when potentially millions of dollars are on the line. Unscrupulous companies and individuals sometimes take advantage of landowners, mineral and royalty interest owners and others because they believe the complicated nature of the oil and gas industry will allow them to hide their illegal conduct. We combine our substantial “real life” experience and specialized knowledge in the oil and gas industry with hard work to cut through these complexities, uncover inappropriate conduct and protect your rights. If you are concerned that a company or individual may be taking advantage of your interests in any oil and gas related matter, we encourage you to contact a knowledgeable and experienced Austin Texas oil and gas litigation attorney and learn about your rights. Contact us.

Experienced Austin Texas Oil and Gas Litigation Lawyer on Your Side

We have extensive practical experience in the oil and gas industry that allows us to assist our clients in ways that most lawyers cannot. Greg Jordan has worked in the oil and gas industry for over 40 years, including over 30 years as an Austin oil and gas litigation attorney. He has an engineering degree and his work responsibilities for various companies have included petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering around gas plants and gathering facilities, drilling and production engineering, contract negotiations for the purchase and sale of gas supplies, and leasing many thousands of acres of land for different oil companies throughout Texas. We have a detailed understanding of the oil and gas industry which allows us to cut to the heart of an oil and gas matter quickly, efficiently and aggressively. We focus on your interests and we will not hesitate to try your case if it cannot be settled on terms that are agreeable to you.

Austin Texas Oil and Gas Litigation Practice Areas

We handle all types of oil and gas related disputes and we handle such disputes in courts throughout Texas. Whether your concern relates to royalties, oil and gas production, leasing, pooling, pollution, surface damages, unitization, illegal completions, property drainage, inadequate or improper development, take-or-pay, processing, gathering, transmission, matters before the Texas Railroad Commission or almost any other oil and gas issue, we are here to help.

Texas Oil and Gas Litigation Appeals

In oil and gas related disputes, the stakes are often high. Millions of dollars can change hands depending upon how a court rules. Litigation over royalties or over title to Texas minerals can involve complex legal issues. These are the types of cases that often go up on appeal. We have the experience, staying power, and knowledge to handle these appeals, and we have successfully been doing so for many years.

We encourage you to review testimonials from some of our clients. If you are seeking an experienced and knowledgeable Austin oil and gas litigation lawyer who will aggressively pursue your case, Contact us.

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