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Real Estate And Construction Litigation

Real estate disputes and construction litigation can be very complex and technical. If you are involved in a real estate deal gone bad, a construction project with problems, or any type of dispute involving real estate, we encourage you to contact an experienced and knowledgeable Austin real estate attorney or Austin construction attorney who has a proven track record in real estate and construction litigation. We do.

Experienced Austin Real Estate Litigation Lawyer and Austin Construction Litigation Lawyer in Your Corner

We have represented plaintiffs and defendants, real estate developers, property purchasers, property sellers, homebuilders, homebuyers, property owners, commercial contractors, commercial building owners, homeowners’ associations, condominium builders, condominium buyers, large corporations, small businesses and individuals in many different types of real estate, and construction disputes for more than 20 years. An experienced Austin real estate lawyer or Austin construction lawyer who is skilled in handling real estate and construction disputes should be able to review the pertinent facts of your case; work with appropriate engineers, architects, and other technical experts; advise you as to your rights and options; and aggressively prosecute or defend your case if it cannot be reasonably resolved. We provide these services while always being mindful of your goals and interests, and the need to handle matters cost effectively and efficiently.

Real Estate and Construction Practice Areas

We have pursued or defended real estate and construction claims in an enormous number of areas. For example, we have represented developers in projects with well over $100 million in financing; landowners in large development disputes; commercial building owners fighting over construction defects; commercial builders accused of defective construction; homeowners with slab and foundation problems; parties on both sides of real estate sales contract disputes; homeowners’ associations and homeowners battling over restrictive covenants; landowners fighting over easements (especially around Lake Travis); parties disputing title to real estate; builders accused of defective homebuilding; landowners seeking to enforce or disregard express and implied land use restrictions; and many other types of real estate and construction disputes.

We are proud of the innovative and successful work we have done on behalf of our clients involved in real estate disputes and construction disputes. We strive to provide you with the best possible personal service and obtain the best possible results in a cost-effective and timely manner. We invite you to review the testimonials from some of our clients who have been involved in real estate and construction litigation. If you are seeking an experienced and knowledgeable Austin real estate attorney or Austin construction attorney who handles litigation and has a long track record of success, contact us.

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