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“I am involved in a number of business ventures, including real estate developments and sports related businesses, around Central Texas and in other parts of the country. A situation arose where a suit was filed against me related to financing. When I was first sued, I hired a lawyer other than Greg Jordan. That attorney appeared to be doing a poor job and I thought a judgment would likely be taken against me if I did not do something. I could not afford to let that happen. I switched attorneys and hired Greg Jordan’s firm. Greg was able to quickly get to the bottom of matters and favorably resolve the suit. Greg Jordan and his team are on top of their game. Greg’s preparation, attention to details and understanding of the law turned my case around! I will never use another attorney again and will always recommend Greg to my friends and colleagues.”

“I was a whistle-blower who was terminated because I reported illegal conduct at a major university: a university in which I had 28 years of successful service. At the time, I was the executive director of a university foundation who discovered the university was taking funds and using them in an illegal manner when they had no right to do so. These were funds from a beloved donor. At first, I went to the top people at the university in an attempt at asking them to stop their practice and to repay the foundation the funds in question. When they refused to do so, I contacted the District Attorney. The university then made my life miserable and they finally fired me after I made the report to the DA. Earlier when the university’s intentions and violations became clear, I asked my attorney friends for the names of the best lawyer for this type of case and they replied, Greg Jordan. My wife and I interviewed Greg then hired him. And, we are so glad we did. His representation in our case was outstanding. His firm worked tirelessly for us and the research that was uncovered was monumental in making the infractions and charges in our case very clear. His representation of our case was handled with extreme professionalism, truthfulness, honesty and with a real true feeling of toughness and boldness-all characteristics needed when taking on this major enterprise-which is not an easy task, but Greg did it so well. Yes, I recommend Greg Jordan’s Law Firm.”

“I was the original developer on a real estate project that received over $160 million in funding. Unfortunately, my business partners breached their agreements and tried to force me out of the deal. I worked many years to bring this project to fruition and I was not going to let that happen. I needed a strong trial lawyer who was willing to fight for my development business so I contacted Greg Jordan. I knew I made the right decision when I read the Petition to the Court Greg filed on my behalf. He told the story of my entrepreneurial efforts more clearly and persuasively than I could have imagined. Greg was able to do this because he took the time and made the effort to learn my complicated case better than I did. Greg was also supportive and reassuring throughout the stressful litigation process. And we won. So all my hard work was not in vain. Thanks, Greg!”

“I have been president of a substantial orthopedics products distribution business. One of the major orthopedics products manufacturers filed a lawsuit against my company and me that could have financially destroyed us. When the lawsuit was filed against us in federal court, we originally hired a different law firm. The lawsuit seemed to be going very poorly and I was concerned a judgment would be entered against us, so I discharged the original law firm and hired Greg Jordan’s firm. Greg was able to get the suit dismissed and even able to force the plaintiff to pay my company over one half million dollars. Greg persisted – and made sure we recovered everything possible. He kept me informed and collaborated at decisive stages of the case. Greg is a highly skilled attorney who is truly passionate about his work.”

“I am the managing director of a company primarily involved in the development of threaded connections for use around the world. We rely heavily on our patent portfolio. When the life of our company was potentially threatened by infringement of one of our patents, we hired Greg Jordan to file a patent infringement suit against one of the largest pipe manufacturers in the world. Mr. Jordan has a keen intellect and easily grasped complex concepts particular to our case and was thoroughly versed in prevailing case law. Mr. Jordan is by far the most diligent attorney I have encountered and developed a cogent strategy which ultimately resulted in a favorable settlement. I would not hesitate to retain Greg Jordan in any future litigation to which I was a party.”

“I have owned a corporation headquartered in Louisiana for quite a few years. I had a bad experience where my business and litigation lawyer at the time misled my corporation and me with incorrect legal advice, breached his fiduciary duties to us and failed to disclose his conflicts of interest. The lawyer’s actions potentially cost my company millions of dollars in damages. I hired Greg Jordan to file a legal malpractice claim against my former lawyer. Greg thoroughly reviewed and presented to me the strengths and weaknesses of my position and developed a successful strategy to recoup the losses. Greg is very professional and cares about his clients. No one has ever worked so hard for my benefit.”

“My husband and I were involved in a horrific traffic accident on a two-lane highway when a truck knocked our car into the path of an 18 wheeler that was speeding toward us. In addition to numerous life-threatening injuries, my husband suffered a massive head injury and nearly died. Our lives have been forever changed as a result of this accident. My husband is now disabled and his abilities are limited. In the first days after the accident, I called an attorney friend of ours and asked him to recommend someone who could help. He said we should go to Greg Jordan. With the aide of an outstanding engineering expert, Mr. Jordan was able to prove that both drivers were negligent and jointly responsible for our losses and terrible injuries. Because of his superior skill and his steadfast commitment, we received the financial compensation we deserved and needed. Greg has made it possible for us to pick up the pieces and begin rebuilding our lives. I am deeply grateful to all he has done for us.”

“I own a retail business that has the largest diamond inventory in central Texas. We have a fantastic group of employees, but when we had to discharge one of them for her misconduct, she filed a discrimination suit against us. We use Greg Jordan as our lawyer. He was able to force the suit into arbitration, and at the arbitration hearing he convinced the arbitrator to dismiss all of the claims against us. We also use Greg on different business matters when they arise. He is my attorney because he is intelligent, thoughtful, and above all else, FAIR. His staff are friendly and they make sure the lines of communication are always open. Greg is a great lawyer and a really good guy.”

“I used to be in charge of a large part of the accounting for a state agency. When I worked there, I discovered that individuals in the agency were illegally misappropriating and using funds. I tried to stop this conduct by reporting it to the top people in the agency, but when that did not work, I became a whistleblower and reported the conduct that I believed was illegal to the State Auditor. My supervisors in the state agency retaliated against me by ultimately firing me. I was devastated as I was only trying to do what was right and protect the public. I hired Greg Jordan’s firm to represent me in a suit against the State. When we went to trial, the jury came back with a verdict in my favor and awarded me essentially all of the damages that we had requested. Winning was important to me, and to the people of Texas that put their trust in their government. But what really impressed me about Greg was the fact that he was always communicating with me about the case and what he was doing. The lawsuit was many years ago, but because of Greg’s level of personal care and respectability, I am happy to say that we’ve kept in touch, and I’d recommend him to anyone.”

“I am a dentist in the Austin area. At one time, I was in a practice with 2 other dentists. When I decided to leave that group and set up my own business, the other 2 dentists sued me. They tried to enforce a noncompete agreement against me in order to shut down my new office. They also sued me for money damages. If they had succeeded, I would have been forced to close my practice. I retained Greg Jordan to defend me. When we went to trial, Greg was able to prove that the noncompete could not be enforced against me. He also was able to convince the jury and judge to find in my favor on all of the claims the other 2 dentists had made. In the end, the court ordered the plaintiffs to pay my costs. During the entire legal process Greg and Anna, his legal assistant, were incredibly helpful and encouraging. I had never been involved in any type of legal matter before and was completely out of my league. Greg came in, took control, and guided me in all matters; keeping me informed and always answering my endless questions and “what ifs” with patience. I was surprised by the staggering amount of research, preparation, reading over of information and assimilation of material that Greg did prior to going to trial. He is a very dedicated and gifted lawyer and I was glad to have him on my side. Fortunately his hard work and dedication paid off and the outcome was rewarding.”

“We own a large fish importing and distribution business in central Texas along with a related restaurant. As you might imagine, we have quite a few employees. Whenever we need legal assistance on employment issues, we turn to Mr. Jordan. When a disgruntled former employee made a claim against us with the EEOC, Greg did a great job for us and was able to get the claim thrown out. He has also helped us on many other policy and procedure issues and numerous other employment matters. It is reassuring to know that answers to questions are right on the other end of the phone line.  It is so important to have a great team of employees and to take care of them. Greg has made a difference in staying in line with the laws and supporting that team.”

“I was a regional vice president over a 14 state region with a nationwide real estate franchising business that is a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company. I led the top performing region in the country and I was given special awards for my performance. However, when a new president was brought in my whole work environment changed. I thought there would be no place in such a large well-respected organization for racial discrimination, but I was wrong. I am African American. I was subjected to racial slurs from the president, treated terribly and lied about. When I reported this discrimination, I was retaliated against and fired. I knew that I needed to hire an attorney who was experienced in doing battle with the giant corporations, who was very skilled in employment law and who would not back down from a fight. I hired Greg Jordan. From the first meeting with him through the conclusion of my case, he was consistently attentive and responded to my many questions and concerns in an expeditious manner. He always went the extra mile for my case and litigated aggressively for me. The level of professionalism I received & observed was outstanding & I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is in need of legal representation.”

“We bought our new dream house and had only lived in it a few months when serious cracks and other defects began appearing. We retained Greg Jordan to help us with what had become our nightmare. With his engineering background, he was able to quickly get to the bottom of the defects in our house with qualified experts. At the trial of our lawsuit, the judge initially told Mr. Jordan he thought there was no way we could get a verdict in our favor. By the end of the trial, the judge had to admit he was wrong. The jury returned a verdict for essentially everything we had sought and the judge entered a judgment on that verdict. Thanks to Greg and his staff’s hard work, we were able to repair our house properly, and have had no problems since. Throughout this difficult journey, Mr. Jordan always promptly addressed our concerns and kept us up to date regarding the status of the case.”

“I am a retired lawyer who practiced primarily business litigation in the Austin area for many years. I first met Greg Jordan when he was a law student at the University of Texas and I have been able to observe his accomplishments over the last twenty plus years. When friends and other individuals come to me for litigation matters, I am now very pleased to refer them to Greg. I know they will be in good hands. Since I retired, I have personally needed legal assistance on claims against two insurance companies. I hired Greg to represent me on both of those matters. Greg was able to achieve the results I sought in each instance. I have opposed and worked with some of the top litigators and believe Greg is among the best. He is personable, practical, determined, creative, skilled, and produces consummate results. These are reasons why I employ Greg to represent me on my personal matters.”

“I own a dental technology business. I previously owned this business in partnership with another individual, but a dispute developed between us which threatened the survival of the company. I needed a strong knowledgeable attorney who would stand up for my rights. I retained Greg Jordan and he was able to help me through the dispute and assist in resolving matters so that now I am the sole owner of the business. I no longer have to worry about issues with my partner. Since I have become the sole owner of the business, I have also gone to Greg for assistance with employee and policy issues. Greg’s personal attention to my business matters has exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend him to my colleagues, friends and family.”

“I own and operate a fairly large wholesale nursery business that distributes plants throughout the State of Texas. We have quite a few employees and a large number of customers that are scattered over a wide geographical area. Several years ago, a very serious accident occurred on our property and we knew that we needed a strong lawyer to defend us. We were referred to Greg Jordan and we were extremely relieved when Greg was able to get the matter resolved to our satisfaction. Greg has been our lawyer every since that time. He has represented us in numerous business matters and we have had him pursue litigation on our behalf. We have had a successful outcome in all business matters in which Greg has represented us. Greg is very thorough in his work. His service is always professional yet personalized. We have and will continue to refer our friends and colleagues to Greg.”

“My wife and I have owned a business in the Dallas area for many years. We are proud of our business and love what we do, but one of the drawbacks to it is that our industry is heavily regulated by the State. On one occasion, the State attempted to misapply some regulations and was threatening to close our business. We needed a lawyer who could stand up to the administrative agency in charge of applying the regulations and we found that person in Greg Jordan. On our behalf, Greg protested the ruling that the administrative agency had made against us. When we had a trial in front of an administrative law judge with the State Office of Administrative Hearings, the judge decided in our favor. Greg always had time to talk to us and answer our questions. We were kept well informed as the case progressed. Greg knew the laws impacting our case very well and was able to present these so that the judge realized that there was no case against us. We will always be grateful for the excellent representation we received.”

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