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Austin Partnership Dispute Lawyer

Partnership And Shareholder Litigation

Partnership disputes and shareholder disputes can destroy a business and lead to the financial ruin of the individuals involved, if they do not obtain the best possible legal representation. While partners and shareholders usually enter a business relationship with expectations that everyone will act reasonably and perform as promised, that is not always the case. If you find yourself involved in a partnership dispute, shareholder dispute or business “break-up,” we encourage you to contact an Austin business attorney or Austin partnership attorney who understands business partnerships and shareholder obligations, who will effectively and efficiently pursue your best interests, and who has a long, successful track record with such matters. We have that experience.

Experienced Austin Trial Attorney in Your Corner

We recognize that it is usually in a client’s interests to resolve business disputes without litigation, and we are often able to do so. We act quickly and aggressively to accomplish your goals. Unless your Austin partnership lawyer or Austin shareholder lawyer is skilled and experienced in the courtroom or in arbitrations, you are going into battle without a sword or shield. With our firm, you will have the confidence of knowing you have an Austin partnership attorney and Austin shareholder attorney who has successfully handled many partnership and shareholder disputes in trials and arbitrations.

Austin Partnership Attorney and Austin Shareholder Attorney Practice Areas

We have represented businesses and individuals in an enormous range of partnership, LLC, and shareholder disputes and break-ups over more than 30 years. We have handled partnership disputes and shareholder disputes in businesses such as medicine, restaurants, dentistry, wholesale products distribution, real estate, construction, property development, sales, retail establishments, optical sensors, airplane sales and leasing, oil and gas production and exploration, intellectual property licensing, franchises, software development, hardware and many more areas. We have assisted clients in partnership and shareholder disputes that have involved claims of breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, fraud, theft, embezzlement, abandonment, negligence, defamation, shareholder oppression, compensation and monetary distribution claims, claims related to dissolution or break-up and a wealth of other issues.

The law pertaining to partner, member and shareholder rights has been rapidly evolving. We work hard to stay up with the changing law and stay ahead of the curve. Our experience and tenacity pays off and it shows in our success in trials, arbitrations, mediations and appeals.

We are proud of the innovative and successful work we have done on behalf of our clients involved in partnership and shareholder disputes. We strive to provide you with the best possible personal service and obtain the best possible results in a cost-effective and timely manner. We invite you to review the testimonials from some of our clients who have been involved in partnership and shareholder matters. If you are seeking an experienced and knowledgeable Austin partnership dispute attorney or Austin shareholder litigation attorney who has a long track record of success, contact us.

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