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Austin Business Litigation Attorneys

Our firm has a reputation for being a “go to” Austin business litigation firm when you are involved in a complex dispute with potentially millions of dollars at stake. Our clients select us and remain with us because of the personal service we provide and the results we obtain on a consistent basis.

Our reputation for having a willingness to try even the toughest cases and the results we have obtained in the courtroom often allow us to resolve matters from a position of strength prior to trial. If you want an experienced, results-oriented and aggressive Austin business litigation lawyer, Austin civil litigation lawyer or Austin commercial litigation lawyer in your corner, contact us.

Austin Business Litigation Lawyer Practice Areas

Because we have such a broad range of experience in civil litigation matters, we can assist you in almost any type of business dispute. As an Austin business attorney firm skilled in litigation, we represent individuals and businesses in trials, arbitrations and mediations, and in front of administrative agencies such as the Railroad Commission and Texas Workforce Commission; counsel clients on ways to avoid legal problems and minimize litigation risks; work with clients to efficiently and effectively resolve disputes; obtain and defeat injunctions; assist in developing strategies pursuant to which our clients can operate; and handle appeals of litigation matters. Whether your business dispute involves an intricate series of transactions, a handshake deal gone bad, patent infringement, real estate development, construction defects, oil and gas leases, or a myriad of other possibilities, we work to find the most efficient and effective way to advance your interests. A few of the more significant litigation areas in which we practice are:

Austin Breach of Contract and Fraud Litigation Attorney

Most business lawsuits relate to disputes over written or oral agreements or alleged misrepresentations. In the last 30 plus years, we have been privileged to help clients with all kinds of contract disputes, including ones involving non-compete agreements, oil and gas leases, real estate contracts, construction agreements, business sale agreements, employment contracts, partnership agreements, franchise agreements, sales contracts, real estate development agreements, and almost any other imaginable type of agreement. In Texas, certain contracts must be in writing in order to be enforceable, but many agreements are enforceable even if they are only oral. There are numerous rules and guidelines that courts use to interpret contracts and to determine whether contracts are enforceable, and we understand how important it is to know those rules and guidelines and to be able to apply them in our clients’ cases.

By the same token, Texas courts have a multitude of rules and guidelines that apply to claims of fraud. Sometimes fraud claims may be barred by the words of a written contract. Sometimes fraud may be found within a contract itself. Sometimes whether a fraud claim can be brought depends upon the types of damages that have been caused or that a party seeks to recover. If you believe a business or individual has defrauded you or if you are being accused of fraud, we know it is important that you have an attorney who is well versed in this area of the law so that your rights are protected.

Austin Non-Competition Litigation Attorney

Austin, Texas has seen an increasing amount of litigation involving non-competition agreements. We are honored to be considered one of the top Texas firms for handling non-compete litigation. We assist both employers and employees when it comes to these types of agreements, and we have obtained substantial success on both sides of the docket. The law in this area has been rapidly evolving and if you are involved in a Texas non-compete claim, we encourage you to retain an attorney who stays up-to-date with any non-competition developments. Another service we are often hired to perform involves reviewing non-compete agreements for employers and employees and consulting on what can or cannot be done.

Austin Oil and Gas Litigation Attorney

Much business litigation in Texas involves oil and gas disputes. We have four decades of experience in the industry (including time prior to becoming an attorney), and we handle oil and gas cases throughout Texas. We usually represent land or mineral owners. Sometimes a dispute may be over royalties, title to minerals, easement or an oil and gas lease. Regardless, each time we are involved in an oil and gas dispute, we do everything we can to ensure our clients obtain the best possible outcome.

Austin Partnership and LLC Litigation Attorney

We are often asked to help clients when a dispute develops between partners or between members of an LLC. No one enters into a partnership or becomes a member of an LLC expecting a breakup. Unfortunately, disputes can and do happen. On occasion, the partnership or LLC may not survive. The laws in Texas with respect to the rights of a partner or member of an LLC have been developing rapidly over the last few years. When asked to help a partner, member or underlying entity, we work diligently to protect the rights of our clients and apply our knowledge of the law.

When you are involved in a serious dispute, you need a strong and effective Austin business litigation attorney. We encourage you to review the testimonials of some of our litigation clients we have helped over the years. If you would like assistance on a matter that is important to you, we encourage you to contact an experienced, tenacious, successful Austin business litigation lawyer, Austin civil litigation lawyer or Austin commercial litigation attorney who will be dedicated to your interests. Contact us.

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